The Le Sueur Manufacturing Company Astro Pier™ is the easy way to enjoy your favorite pastime or profession. It eliminates the painstaking task of having to level your telescope and line up on North before each observing session. It offers excellent rigidity to virtually eliminate vibration from accidental jarring and thoroughly eliminates the need to level and line up on North. This makes it an excellent choice for precision guiding. Whether you have the need for precision astrophotography or just like to sit down for a few hours for visual observation, you'll find that a permanent-mounting pier is the perfect choice.

Piers for a variety of telescopes and mounts
We manufacture piers for mounting many different types of telescopes, such as refractors, Newtonians, Maksutovs, and Schmidt-Cassegrains with their mounts: Astro Physics, Celestron and Meade German equatorials and fork-mounts, CI-700, Losmandy, Paramount GT-1100, Questar, and Vixen GP's. Starting below, and on the rest of this website, you will find information about the various piers that we manufacture. This is not an exhaustive list, and custom orders may be accommodated.


The Aurora model Astro Pier™ is manufactured to accommodate larger fork-mounted telescopes. We recommend this pier for 12", 14", and 16" telescopes. Being of industrial quality, this pier has the rigidity demanded by larger telescopes, colleges, and those who have a high-use application. The Aurora is also a superb pier for amateurs that like the best quality for their favorite pastime.

Be sure to see our Fork Mount page for more information about the Aurora pier, as well as our Standard Grade, and Professional Grade Astro Pier™s.



Astro Pier™s for German equatorial mounts have vertical tubes available in five different sizes, to ensure a perfect fit. Astro Pier™s for certain German equatorial mounts, such as Losmandy, have the upper section of the vertical tube milled to accept the bottom portion of the mount. Piers for other mounts, such as the Meade LXD750, have an adapter plate mounted on top of the vertical tube of the pier.

For more information about piers for German equatorial mounts, please see our German Equatorial page.


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